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Soulcrusher AKA Jet
Our Speed Racking Standardbred Gelding, giving some friends a thrill ride! Pictured are Glen Jarnigan, Ben Smith, Cece Jarvis, and Robin Moody.

Jennifer Howard and Gaylan Barnard visiting our farm August 2011
all the way from Missouri! 

Deetsie and Trina Vermillion

Boomer Easterling

Karen with good friend Tammy Chapman and her Standardbred Lil Teller after winning the 2010 Open Pacing Championship class at the URHOEA World Championships in White Pine, TN.

Rodney and Linda Johnson of KY.

Fleetwood Johnson of TN and his Standardbred gelding Cruise.

Robin Moody of VA with her gelding, Desperado's Red Steel,
direct son of Rebel Pride's Desperado.

Chance and Jennifer Fell from AL on their racking horses.

Billy Fell from AL on his speedracking horse Boogaloo.

Baruch Zimmer and friend Mordekhai all the way from Israel visited our farm on June 22, 2010 during their trip to the Smokin the Trails at Midwest Ride.   They have TN Walking horses on their farm in Israel and were visiting singlefooting horse farms around the US during a 10 day visit. Pictured here with our stallion Rowdy's Rebel Gold.

Tammy Champman on Little Teller at the Morehead Horse Show

David and Amy Weaver

Our nephew Ben Smith having a great ride on his standardbred mare Reba.

Shannon & Michelle Snodgrass on their racking horses Jake & Rusty.

Kenny and Lori Dingus at KY Lake on our riding trip to Land Between the Lakes, KY.

Kenny Dingus on his saddlebred Max.

Roger and Tammy Chapman on their Standardbred horses.

Jeff and Kay Stanley on their single-footing horses Rowdy Rawhide's Powerstroke and Rawhide's Ginger Spice.

Phil & Dez McConnell on their walking and racking horses Spook and Bandit.

Chris & Susie Laney with their racking and walking horses.

Michelle Ricker on her racking stallion Cowboy, son of Rebel Pride's Desperado.

Dennis Ricker on his racking horse.

Paula Kilgore on her speed racking gelding Renegade

Tony with friends Paul and Larry Housewright at Phipps Bend.

Danny Keys on his racking gelding Fireball.

Michelle Franklin on her Standardbred gelding Bo.

Tammy Arnold on her Saddlebred gelding Rowdy.

Earl Ward on his racking stallion Satan.

Bobby and Tracy Couch on their racking horses.

Ken Dye and Don Clonce on their racking horses.

Steven, Dodie, Ben and Kevin Smith on their racking horses.

Teresa and Ronnell Williams

The Jarnigan Family

Dennis and Michelle Ryans


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